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DOJ‘s ’Whistleblower’ in New Black Panther Case Releases Book


"justice under the Obama Administration is anything but blind"

You might not know who J. Christian Adams is off the top of your head, but you'll likely know what made him famous. Adams is the "whistleblower" associated with the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case spanning back to the 2008 election. Now, he's out with a book, and he's making some damning accusations.

The book, titled "Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department," is due out Tuesday.

"With great courage and investigative skill, this former Department of Justice attorney single-handedly exposes how Barack Obama and Eric Holder have systematically perverted the rule of law—for patently unjust, un-American, race-based ends," Michelle Malkin writes of the book. "Adams witnessed first-hand the hijacking of the DOJ by radical leftist ideologues and interest groups. Now he reveals everything: the full story of Holder’s coddling of New Black Panther Party poll thugs, corruption run amok in the Civil Rights Division, open borders advocacy, selective law enforcement, and much more. If you care about justice for all, Injustice is hands-down the most important book you’ll read this year.”

"Justice is supposed to be blind. Yet, as Department of Justice whistleblower and election lawyer J. Christian Adams divulges in his new book, justice under the Obama Administration is anything but blind," the Heritage Foundation explains. "He reveals the never-before-published story of the corrupt, racialist, and politicized inner workings of the Obama Justice Department as well as the untold tale of the DOJ's corrupt handling of the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case."

So what exactly is the book alleging? Adams appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to explain:

Its page also gives a rundown of what the tome will "reveal:"

  • The inside story of how the Obama DOJ spiked the voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party—and the Panthers’ little-known public appearance with Obama
  • How the Obama administration changed DOJ hiring policy to ensure radical leftists would dominate the Civil Rights Division
  • The Obama DOJ’s bizarre agenda, from insisting on kids’ rights to attend school dressed as transvestites, to litigating for teachers’ rights to take paid vacations to Mecca
  • How the DOJ has repeatedly sided with political bosses who flagrantly disenfranchise entire communities of white voters
  • Why the DOJ’s fixation on racial grievance threatens the integrity of the 2012 elections

An excerpt provided to The Blaze sets the tone for the book:

For much of his life, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. carried around something peculiar…an old clipping of a quote from Harlem preacher Reverend Samuel D. Proctor. Holder put the clipping in his wallet in 1971, when he was studying history at Columbia University, and kept it in wallet after wallet over the ensuing decades. What were Proctor’s words that Holder found so compelling? “Blackness is another issue entirely apart from class in America. No matter how affluent, educated and mobile [a black person] becomes, his race defines him more particularly than anything else.”…When asked to explain the passage, Holder replied, “It really says that… I am not the tall U.S. attorney, I am not the thin United States Attorney. I am the black United States attorney. And he was saying that no matter how successful you are, there’s a common cause that bonds the black United States attorney with the black criminal or the black doctor with the black homeless person.”…It may seem shocking to hear these racialist views ascribed to America’s top law enforcement officer. But to people who have worked inside the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, these attitudes are perfectly familiar. (pp. 1-2)

On Monday, the first bullet point -- that Obama appeared "publicly" with the New Black Panthers -- grabbed headlines. Pictures surfaced that were apparently supposed to make it into the book but were pulled due to publishing rights. They show Obama speaking at the same podium as the Panthers during a campaign sop in Selma, AL in 2007, and were obtained by the site

What was the event? The Atlantic give some background:

The 2007 march, organized by civil rights leaders to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Selma march for black voting rights that ended with police brutally beating the protesters. Hillary Clinton and Obama -- then running against each other for the Democratic presidential nomination -- gave speeches at churches a block apart.

The New Black Panthers' attendance at the march is no secret. NPR's Juan Williams mentioned it back when it happened. Media Matters even recognizes they were all there, but notes:

"It wasn't Obama's event. It wasn't the Panthers' event. They were all in Selma for an annual celebration of an historic civil rights moment. During that event, Obama and New Black Panthers leader Malik Zulu Shabazz gave speeches from the same podium, and both were part of the crowd that then marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge."

Still, it's unclear what the Panthers said, if Obama knew they would be there in advance, and if Obama ever interacted with them.

What is clear is that Adams's book is sure to raise eyebrows. And it's already getting the press's attention.

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