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Open letters to the liberal protesters

Nothing says "I'm anti-corporate" like a cheap Halloween mask mass-produced in either a totalitarian state (China) or a "developing country" (Mexico). Oh yeah, Warner Bros. (a major corporation) "owns the rights to the [Guy Fawkes] image and is paid a licensing fee with the sale of each mask.”*\n

Columnist David Freddoso writes today in "A Letter to the New York City Protesters" that while far-left radicals have set up camp in lower Manhattan to blame Wall Street for all their problems, real working people with actual problems have more important things to do... namely, work:

Those people you left stuck in traffic have a hard time paying their bills and rents and health insurance and mortgages. They worry about things like finding decent schools for their children to attend and making sure they don't get fired at work, and fixing leaking roofs and chimneys.

You know what they don't worry about, ever? Smashing patriarchy and capitalism.


So the point is, real-life things blind people to the great class struggle you're waging in lower Manhattan. You, and the rest of America's three-tenths of one percent.

You can take some consolation from that next year when you sacrifice your principles, abandon the Global People's Liberation Party (or whatever), and vote to re-elect President Obama.

Additionally, Michael Graham notes the irony of the protesters' "occupation" in Boston -- "a particularly ironic phrase given how few of these oafs actually have one."

When the Occupation movement began two weeks ago, the Herald reported that protesters “are angry that they went to college, incurred punishing debt and now cannot find jobs.” Uh . . . OK.

Now that you mention it, if I were a college grad without a job, I might show up in Boston’s financial district, too. But I’d show up with a resume, a suit and a fresh haircut, not a sign reading “End Capitalism NOW!”

Attacking Wall Street because you’re jobless is like burning down Whole Foods because you’re hungry.

What would you like to tell the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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