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‘Occupy Sacramento’ Protesters Struggle to Explain Why They’re There


Leader: "Right now it's kind of vague." Attendee: "I've heard it's anti-capitalist; I'm a socialist, I'm a Marxist communist."

As the Occupy Wall Street protests surge in size and spread across the country, the Occupy Sacramento offshoot appears to be both confused, and angry when asked simple questions about their purpose.

About 300 protestors showed up in a downtown Sacramento park Thursday morning to kick off the Occupy Sacramento movement, and they did not take kindly to the the presence of a local CBS reporter. They also couldn't agree on why they're there.

When the CBS reported asked the organizer of the movement what the 300 protestors were doing there, his response was "right now its kind of vague..as it stands right now that message team will reveal that tomorrow morning."

Others listed a litany of random complaints, some with a tenuous connection to being "angry over corporate greed."

Another protestor said into the camera, "I've heard it's anti-capitalist; I'm a socialist, I'm a Marxist communist."

But the most vague response of the day went to a young woman who said, "I'm here to support people."

And although the Occupy Wall Street movement has been trying to get as much attention and press coverage as possible, many of the unknowing activists became aggressive and yelled at a reporter for asking basic questions. One of them even began to swat at the camera with his hand in response to the reporter's question.

You can watch the full video of the CBS reporter's confrontation with Occupy Sacramento here, courtesy of KOVR-TV:

Despite an ordinance banning overnight camping in Sacramento public spaces, the protestors planned to spend the night at Cesar Chavez park, and stay their until October 15th.

Police told remaining protestors last night of the regulations against an overnight stay, and said citations and arrests would ensue if protestors failed to leave.

Despite no coherent message and hostility towards basic discussion with outsiders, maybe the Occupy Sacramento protestors will get what they want when police have to arrest a few wailing college students and the scuffle makes its way onto computer and tv screens around the world.

(H/T: MRC)

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