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Police Ticket Drivers Who Honk in Support of ‘Occupy Seattle\


Seattle police are finding new ways to keep the latest "Occupy Wall Street" movement, and it's sympathizers, in check. According to KOMO, police began pulling over cars Friday that honked in support while driving by Occupy Seattle demonstrators:

"Starting at 11 p.m. Friday, police started pulling over and ticketing drivers who honked as they drove past protesters.

When the first car - a taxicab - was pulled over, the protesters followed and shouted at police who then formed a blockade around the driver's cab.

The cab driver was then given a $144 ticket - and protesters ended up handing him money afterwards to help pay for his fine."

Occupy Seattle has made their presence known at Westlake Park in the Emerald City for over a week. According to Seattle PI, the supervisor of a Westlake coffee shop "owned by a giant worldwide Seattle-based coffee chain" said business is booming during the protest.

In addition to a "desire to take our government and country back from the big money interests that currently hold undue sway over decisions affecting us all," the protesters desire that their government allow them to stay cozy. A recent post on the group's website calls on supporters to contact the mayor's office and police "to insist that they allow us to protect ourselves from the rain for tonight!" The park that the group chose to mount their protest in, does not allow structures including awnings for Occupy Seattle to sleep beneath.

(R/T: Gawker)

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