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‘With Malice Toward None’: Beck Calls for Individual Responsibility to Solve Collective Problems at Values Voter Summit


Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington Saturday, Glenn Beck received rousing cheers as he encouraged the crowd to bear in mind the words of Lincoln: "With malice toward none."

Beck declared that America is under assault from Muslim extremists abroad and anti-capitalists at home. He reminded the audience that the problems America faces now have escalated to levels that he predicted and was ridiculed for trumpeting over the past two years.

That said, Beck emphasized paths that may still offer productive ways out. In front of the invigorated crowd, Beck declared that, as Americans, it is time to reclaim our history, reclaim our intuition, strive for what is great rather than what is easy, and to "restore ourselves first to the rightful place as a powerful son or daughter of the all-powerful living God."

He reminded the crowd that it is easy to not do anything and sit in parks for several weeks holding signs, to be part of the "funemployed," to expect free stuff and to have "no intention of getting a job." Beck suggested it is easy to listen to the likes of Cornel West and Frances Fox Piven, as it is easy to listen to those who point fingers, but more difficult to do the right thing.

"If they're forcing people into the student loans, maybe we should talk to the people who are actually doing it, the one's who are actually responsible, and that would be our university system," Beck stated. "They are are the only ones who can effect the price of student eduction."

He suggested that while the problems of our time face the collective, they can only be solved by individuals taking responsibility for themselves.

"There is a storm coming of biblical proportions," Beck warned of the Occupy Wall Street movement, flash mobs and those who call for the redistribution of wealth. "They all want to take. They all want revenge. That's not who we are."

"We are good, and we're just waiting for the opportunity to be good," said Beck of Americans. "I intend in the next year, while everybody is busy on politics, to give America that opportunity to be good, and in turn, be great again."

Beck promised the audience that when they need help, "Mercury [Beck's company Mercury Radio Arts] will be there."

To a standing ovation, he called for attention, as well as an end, to the conflicts of our time. Beck berated the "religious war" declared by radical Islam, "the race war" led by groups like the New Black Panthers and "the political war between the political parties and the American people."

Over thunderous applause, Beck called for an end to the war between "the media and the truth."

"There is no such thing as collective salvation, it is only individual salvation."

In closing, Beck reminded the crowd that every generation must rise up to answer the same question: Can man rule himself?

"I suggest the answer is, 'Yes.' It is our turn to answer it. We have been born for times such as this."

"By doing the small and simple things, by accepting the responsibilities that make each of us good, it will in turn make America great again," he said. "It will again define American excpetionalism for anyone in this city who may need a refresher on that."

Beck's full (39:00) address is available at The Right Scoop.

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