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11 Occupy San Francisco Protestors Arrested For Blocking Bank Entrance


"the banks are stealing our money!"

Police arrested eleven anti-Capitalist Occupy Wall Street protestors in San Francisco yesterday for trespassing and blocking an entrance to a Wells Fargo office tower.

The protestors yelled similar slogans to their downtown Manhattan Occupy comrades, though the main focus of the arrestees was on home foreclosures.

As she was being placed in a police van, one protestor yelled into the cameras "the banks are stealing our money," and then "my dad lost his job because of globalization."

Another handcuffed protestor yelled that police should "arrest the real criminals inside for stealing our money."

The Occupy Wall Street-San Francisco branch started the protest at the Federal Reserve and caused the city's trolley service to shut down for two hours.

Protestors then marched to the Wells Fargo office tower, which at first caused the building to shut down. Later, police escorted employees into a secure building entrance until the protestors dispersed. Another nearby Wells Fargo branch was forced to close for the entire day due to the protests.

Pete Woiwode, 28, a protest organizer, spoke with Reuters by cell phone from the scene and said:

"Wells Fargo is a good target because they have been very involved in the foreclosure crisis, kicking people out of their homes. Our message is: Stop kicking people out of their homes, start paying your taxes."

Wells Fargo released a public statement that the bank recognizes the frustrations of Americans in the current economic climate, but pointed out that Wells Fargo repaid all of its taxpayer TARP money including an additional $1.4 billion profit.

Watch the video below to see the Occupy San Fran protestors scream about foreclosed houses, including the appearance of a former union official who said the police were protecting banks against the people:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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