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Bachmann may have been taught by Anita Hill


While attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla., Michele Bachmann learned about law and how Christianity fits into it. Former classmates described her as "eager," "bubbly" and "politically interested," according to the New York Times. But here's a plot twist fit for daytime television: As a student, Bachmann may have also been taught a lesson or two by Anita Hill, the woman who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harrassment.

[Hill] was hired to address the bar association’s complaints that the faculty [at Oral Roberts] was overwhelmingly white and male, [Roger Tuttle, a former professor and dean] said. Though the university would not release Mrs. Bachmann’s transcripts, Lucas Bachmann said he believed that Ms. Hill had been one of his mother’s professors. Ms. Hill, now at Brandeis University, declined to be interviewed.

You can't write this stuff. You just can't.

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