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Crowd Rebukes Piven for Saying Tea Party Doesn‘t ’Like the Idea of a Black President’

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We've already covered the fact that Frances Fox Piven spoke at Messiah College -- a Christian, higher education facility. Now, what we haven't delved into is exactly what the radical academic had to say.

Sure, we told you that Piven admitted that the "tea party is an authentic movement," a curious comment to say the least. But many of the news reports that recapped the event left out her more devilish commentary (which, as is usually the case, was in the details).

In addressing the successful right-leaning conservative movement, Piven seemed to allude a to her belief that the Tea Party is motivated by racism. Below, see her begin to dive into this mantra (which has become commonplace for many people on the left). In fact, she even says that the Tea Party doesn't "like the idea of a black president."

You'll hear a man in the audience respond to her charges, saying, "as long as he follows the constitution we don't care what color he is" (referring to President Barack Obama). Hear her comment and the man's response, below:

And when it comes to GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, Piven seems to think that the successful businessman may merely be a tool to help shield the racism that she thinks is espoused by many of those who oppose Obama.

Watch her comments about Cain and the support that he has received from conservatives:

Below,'s Stephen Gutowski describes the odd compliment that Piven gave to the Tea Party later on in the speech (i.e. "authentic movement"):

When pressed by a student, as you can see at the end of that video, Piven back tracks and says that she doesn't believe the entire Tea Party is racist or that race is their only motivation. That reversal in tone from earlier in her speech took an even sharper turn at the end of the night. So much so that she ended her remarks with a compliment for the Tea Party.

Watch her comments, below:

Par for the course, it seems.


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