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Which Liberal Outlets Are Attacking the ‘I Am the 53%’ Movement?

Think Progress called it a "clever public relations gimmick."

Less than a week ago we reported on a budding movement called "I am the 53%." These folks call themselves the 53% because they claim to be part of the 53% of the American people who actually pay Federal Income Taxes, meaning they are ones who support the 47% that pay nothing in Federal taxes.

These are not "wealthy" people. Many are struggling to make ends meet or even to hold on to their homes, but they do not blame "Wall Street." In fact, most feel as if the politicians in Washington, DC are at the core of the problem and do not have the solutions to the troubles plaguing our economy.

The 53% seems to have a very easily-traced and organic history. Twitter was partially responsible as Kevin @Keder started using the hashtag #iamthe53 in early October.

Soon after, Kevin's hashtag suggestion started picking up momentum.

Erick Erickson of RedState is often credited with starting this snowball down the hill. He did so when he posted a photo of himself alongside his 53% declaration.

I work 3 jobs./I have a house I can’t sell./My family insurance costs are outrageous./But I don’t blame Wall Street./Suck it up you whiners./I am the 53% subsidizing you so you can hang out on Wall Street and complain.

Erickson’s post lead to more 53%-ers posting their photos and declarations… which inspired Erick and his pal, filmmaker Mike Wilson to start a tumblr page for the 53%ers. Mike was on Fox and Friends yesterday morning explaining the history and the concept of the 53%.

And then Facebook pages started springing up, urls were being registered...

I am the 53

 We are the 53

The 53%-ers feel a common bond with other responsible/self-sufficient citizens. They also wear their successes and failures with honor. This informal, but growing group of citizens that do not identify with the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd must be of concern for the Left and those who are endorsing the "occupiers" because the Left has started attacking and mocking the 53% movement.

The Think Progress website (this is an online arm of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress) posted a snarky attack on Erick Erickson, calling the 53% idea a "clever public relations gimmick."

Of course the Daily Kos had to attempt to minimize the 53%

And Alex Knapp of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen started an open thread to mock the movement.

And yet, the growth and momentum of this fledgling movement seems to be building.

Could the 53%-ers be the new silent majority in America?

In a famous speech to the nation delivered in November of 1969, President Nixon referenced the silent majority - a group of Americans whose voice he believed was not being heard as the mainstream media was focused on a louder, but much smaller group of Americans pushing their counter-culture agenda.

Does this sound familiar?

Stay tuned.

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