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Denver Riot Police Force ‘Occupy’ Protestors to Retreat



DENVER (The Blaze/AP) -- Dozens of police in riot gear have begun pushing Wall Street protesters into retreat outside the state Capitol in Denver, and the protesters are no longer resisting. A handful of arrests were made.

Many of the protesters chanted "Peaceful!" as they backed away from their encampment in Lincoln Park early Friday.

Officers were placing plastic handcuffs on some protesters and reading them miranda rights.

Riot Police first moved to dismantle the Occupy Denver camp early this morning. Authorities began taking down dozens of tents at around 3:30 a.m. At about 6:30 a.m., officers in helmets and carrying batons advanced on the a line of protesters who had locked arms around the tents, including a makeshift kitchen.

Initially, there were no arrests as Colorado State Patrol officers and Denver police found themselves in a calm standoff with the protestors. Later, arrests ensued as protesters began to scream at police, refused to leave their camp, and caused a ruckus.

A main downtown street running by the park was cordoned off and some bus service was disrupted.

Authorities had given the protesters an 11 p.m. Thursday deadline to clear the park:

Meanwhile, in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had given Occupy Wall Street protestors in Zuccotti Park until 7AM this morning to vacate the premises. At the last minute, the Mayor postponed the cleanup, and all protestors were allowed to stay.

The owners of the park-- Brookfield Asset Management-- had sent a letter to the NYPD requesting that the park be cleared for cleaning. The NYPD, at the mayor's order, agreed to clear the park, but the prospect of mass arrests and possibly a riot on video for the world to see was too much for Bloomberg, who abandoned the plan early this morning.

The protestors in New York have called Bloomberg's bluff, and now the Occupiers are emboldened for their global October 15th protest.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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