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WH hosts boring state dinner for South Korean president


As cool as it would be to go to a White House state dinner, Thursday night's sounds like it was about as exciting as a Halloween party at the Bachmann residence. President Obama played host to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and despite the Washington Post's efforts to sex up the affair by describing it as "exclusive" and "Washington’s most sought-after A-list event," it was clearly a snooze.

The "entertainment," according to the Post:

[...]East and West: The Ahn trio, sisters born in Seoul and reared in New York who play piano, violin and cello, performed with a high-energy fusion of jazz and classical sounds. Next up was Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Janelle Monae from Kansas City, Kan., who sings a blend of alternative, R&B and funk sounds.

What else? Michelle Obama wore "a striking purple" gown. The biggest name in attendance (other than Lee Myung-bak, which is pretty big and hard to say) was tennis great Billie Jean King. Why not invite Serena Williams, a younger tennis star and proven entertainer?

Maybe next time.

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