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The State of the Union: A Poll

The State of the Union: A Poll

"David Axelrod, President Barack Obama's senior campaign strategist, pushed back against negative media accounts surrounding the president's approval rating and said recent polling shows the majority of Americans agree with Obama's plan to create jobs." -- CNN

Question: President Barack Obama is proposing a new affordable jobs plan that is supported by economists* and is nothing like the plan that didn't create jobs (because of the GOP's insistence that the package not exceed a criminally meager $1 trillion) so that Americans can rebuild vital infrastructure -- high-speed rail lines, Service Employees International Union membership rolls -- and, have we mentioned, find jobs. Do you, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ, support this plan to invest in the future?

Yes: 99 percent. No: :(

(*Mark Zandi.)

Question: The president of the United States of America has proposed paying for his new stimulus plan, which you absolutely loved (see above), with the modest suggestion that trillionaires -- and even a few billionaires* -- do their part and give back a tiny itty little bit of the money they would probably otherwise spend on Learjets and Caligula-inspired socials to help fund investments to mitigate drastic cuts in spending that could potentially unleash tragic consequences beyond all human comprehension**. If the above weren't a false choice, would you support such a plan?

Yes: the 99 percent. No: 1 percent.

(*Any household making $200,000. **The end of weatherized window subsidies.)

Question: In the past few weeks, a group of peaceful, definitely non-communist and completely non-anti-Semitic protesters has been quietly gathering on Wall Street and in other once-great cities decimated by the scourge of capitalism to, like the president, object to policies that they say -- and you know -- favor the criminally rich, big banks that charge fees and "interest," bailouts* and the political party that doesn't run the presidency or the Senate. What is your view of these wholly American protests?

Very favorable: the 99 percent.

(*Does not include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, General Motors, student loans, mortgages, solar panel companies or the U.S. Postal Service.)

Question: What are your impressions of the zealously anti-government tea party?

Unfavorable: 100 percent. Very, very unfavorable: 53 percent.

Question: Obstructionist Republicans have offered numerous jobs bills in the United States House of Representatives, as well as dozens of bills to rein in some of the unprecedented regulatory burden instituted by this administration, which the GOP dubiously claims has created economic uncertainty and a poor business environment. Would you support the radical "plan" to undo the thicket of regulation to help make private-sector job creation easier rather than Democrats continuing to pass bill after bill that charges government with the task of creating jobs?

Answers N/A.

Internals: Ninety-eight percent of those polled identify as Democrats or leaning Democratic; 1 percent identify as Republican or leaning Republican. About 0.5 percent identify as purely independent, leaning toward neither party, and about 0.5 percent don't care. Libertarians do not exist.


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