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Hamas Arranges Luxury Hotel, Cash, Free Cellphones for Freed Palestinian Terrorists


“…took their morning exercise on Wednesday around a luxury swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean."

Hamas is offering a perverse golden parachute to terrorists freed in the lopsided Gilad Shalit-for-1,027-prisoners deal.

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reports that those sent to Gaza “will stay in hotels for three weeks or until they each get a private apartment, car, and a job.”

The Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh already announced he’s giving each of the released prisoners $2,000, a hefty sum in the impoverished Gaza strip. Ma’an also reports:

… future income will be gained through jobs provided for each prisoner, said Saber Abu Karsh, a prisoners advocate in Gaza. Haniyeh has ordered that the released prisoners be given all assistance to help them re-enter society, he said.

If that’s not enough, the Palestinian cellphone company Jawwal has offered each freed prisoner a mobile phone with a credit of 500 shekels ($140), according to Ma’an.

Many of those released Tuesday are convicted terrorists with Israeli “blood on their hands” so one might ask why Reuters chose this precious headline for its report on the freed convicts lounging at a luxury hotel - “Day One of freedom for Mideast swap club.”

Palestinians freed by Israel in a trade for soldier Gilad Shalit took their morning exercise on Wednesday around a luxury swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean, instead of circling the prison yard as they have done for long years inside.

Reuters snapped them lounging at the pool and overlooking the Mediterranean:

It’s questionable if Palestinians need more incentives to terror in a society that glorifies what they call martyrdom, achieved when killing Jews. In Gaza, 200,000 turned out for a Hamas victory rally in honor of the terrorists and Shalit’s kidnappers. Tuesday was declared by Hamas a national holiday with a day off for public employees. And former prisoners are boasting of future attacks.

Remember the State Department’s Rewards for Justice program, offering monetary compensation for tips leading to the arrest and prosecution of terrorists?

What do you think the Palestinians’ warped terrorism incentive program should be called? Enter your ideas in comments.

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