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Streaker Posing as Referee Leads to Massive College Football Brawl


With the clock winding down in the first half on Thursday night between Arizona and UCLA, a fan dressed as an official blew his whistle and appeared to have the real officials fooled before streaking across the field.

The man started taking off his clothes and had gotten down to his underwear when a security guard took him out with a crushing tackle.

That's bad enough. But the distraction allowed players to erupt into a massive brawl that spread nearly 60 yards across the field.

Two players were eventually ejected. Arizona defensive back Shaquille Richardson and UCLA receiver Taylor Embree were both sent to early showers for their roles in the melee.

Several players had to be restrained by coaches before officials got everyone back to their respective sidelines:

Arizona eventually won 48-12.


We now have video that specifically focuses on the "streaker." Don't worry, he doesn't get completely naked (mild content warning for language):

This story has been updated.The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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