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This is what capitalism looks like...


Dear Wall Street "occupiers,"

As you sit today blogging away about the evils of capitalism on your laptops or play around on your iPhones and iPads demonstrating what "democracy" looks like, let me just take this moment to remind you of what capitalism looks like.

Exhibit A -- A Best Buy circular ad from 1996:

In 1996, you could get an Apple desktop PowerPC computer with a 1.6GB hard drive and dial-up internet capability on sale for $2399.99 (a color monitor will cost you an additional $449.99).

Today, you can buy an 8GB Apple iPhone to make calls, snap photos, send emails and wirelessly surf the internet from anywhere -- all while playing Angry Birds -- for just $99.

Not an Apple fan?  Not a problem -- thanks to free-market competition, touch-screen capabilities once limited to the latest iPhone technology are now happily embraced and sold by Apple competitors like Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, and many more, each offering their own unique product at a competitive price.

The technology you walk around with in your pocket was not even in the realm of possibility just 15 years ago, and 15 years before that, the processing power you now hold in the palm of your hand required rooms of machinery.  Yet thanks to capitalism and that eeeevil little motivating factor known as "profit-making," you're free to take it all for granted today.

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