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Monday evening must-reads


Trending on Twitter: Obama’s #WeCantWait slogan backfires

We need more capitalism, not less

Brace yourselves for another downgrade

Former Dem lawmaker: On second thought, voter ID laws might be a good idea

Paul Volcker: Gov't should get out of the mortgage business

Can Obama do stimulus by decree?

Liberals embrace "ObamaCare" monicker

One day of teaching nets hefty pensions for union lobbyists

Do good debaters make good presidents?

The perfect president: Herman Paul?

Karl Rove outlines Herman Cain's self-destructive mistakes

Herman Cain: Rove is trying to destroy me

Illegal immigrants are getting health care in Massachusetts; Romney blames successor

Congressional Republicans are polling strong

Solyndra-linked fundraiser still boosting Obama campaign

Obama depends on the elites for campaign cash

Connecticut lawmaker wants to reschedule Halloween

Occupy Chicago protesters: The Tea Party stole "Don't tread on me" slogan

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