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Actor Orlando Jones Tweets: 'If American Liberals Want Respect...Kill Sarah Palin


Just when attacks -- whether they are serious statements or jokes -- against Sarah Palin and her family seem like they've reached an unprecedented climax, someone always seems to up the ante. On October 22, actor Orlando Jones (MADtv) tweeted the following message:

While it took many people a few days to realize that this was posted to the Twitterverse, commentators and political spectators are just now delving into commentary on the matter.

As of this morning, Jones still hadn't opted to delete the micro-message (then again, there are so many screen captures of it, doing so would be fruitless at this juncture). Instead, he's been defending it.

On October 23, just one day after Jones sent the message, he apparently began responding to angry Tweeps who were less than content with his tweet (which he describes as "inane" and characterizes as a joke). Here are some of his responses:

While Jones is a comedian and typically tweets jokes out from his social media account, some see this one as going a bit too far over the line. Following the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, negative political rhetoric has been on the chopping block (or, at the least, there's been a fair share of rhetoric about the nation's political discourse).

What do you think about the tweet -- appropriate or not so much? Take our poll:

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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