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Does Jon Huntsman Know What the 'Colbert Bump' Really Is?


Generally, the "bump" is reserved for Democrats.

Fresh off his appearance Monday on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman spoke at George Washington University Tuesday night. He's sure his interview on the comedy show will prove to be a benefit to his campaign.

"We got the 'Colbert bump' last night," Huntsman joked to a full auditorium of more than 200 students and faculty. During his interview Monday, Stephen Colbert asked Huntsman if he was "ready for the Colbert bump," a phenomenon in which political candidates get a surge in donations following an appearance on the comedy show. "I am so ready for the Colbert bump," Huntsman replied.

But either Huntsman didn't know what the "Colbert bump" is, or he didn't know it's a boost exclusive to Democrats who appear on the show. Republicans see no gain, as reported by the "Washington Monthly" back in 2008. Here's a graph they published to illustrate:

We asked Huntsman if he was aware that traditionally, the "Colbert bump" has only been experienced by Democrats who come on the show. "We're going to put that to the test. I think we're going to prove otherwise," he told The Blaze.

Huntsman's daughters were in tow for the the speech. "If you can't find anything to like about me," Huntsman said, "you're going to find something to like about  my daughters." He asked them to stand. One wore a Burberry shawl, another hipster eyeglasses and the third, a purple dress that matched the candidate's tie.

Per usual, they tweeted from the event:

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