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Have You Seen Herman Cain's New 'Smoking' Ad?


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The new ad from GOP front-runner Herman Cain has pundits scratching their heads, using it to tie the candidate to lobbying money from big tobacco, and in some cases, just laughing out loud.

Watch the ad in question:

[youtube expand=1]

That's Mark Block, Cain's chief of staff.  While it may seem curious that the Cain campaign has decided to use a high-ranking official as a spokesperson, it is even more curious to some that the ad shows Block smoking a cigarette.

During the opening segment of MSNBC's Morning Joe, the hosts were tripping over each other's words to express their surprise, shock, outrage, etc. Mika stayed in her role as hall monitor of the show and confiscated the pack of cigarettes that New York Magazine writer John Heilemann brought out as a comedic prop.

Michelle Goldberg, Senior writer at Newsweek and the Daily Beast did not seem to be concerned about the smoking, but she did take issue with the smiling image of Herman Cain at the end of the ad:

Over at The Atlantic, Cain's ad was the all Senior Editor Garance Franke-Ruta needed to tie both Block and Cain to Big Tobacco.

Before joining the Cain campaign, Block served as Wisconsin state director for free-market advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, which has opposed state smoking bans.

Cain also opposed smoking bans during his years working in Washington on behalf of a restaurant trade lobbying group.

I guess you can call it a "smokin'" ad.

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Herman Cain's "Smoking" Ad

BTW - The song heard in Cain's ad is from Krista Branch. "I Am America" has been the official Cain theme song for a few months, but it has been heard at 9-12 Project and Tea Party events for over a year. The YouTube post of the song has been viewed over a million times.

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