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Wednesday evening must-reads


Newly freed ex-cons flood Occupy Wall Street

Charlie Rangel: U.S. gov't should seize and redistribute wealth

Supercommittee Dems insist on new stimulus in budget deal

Confused, inarticulate woman blames Wall Street for... something

College tuition costs soar under Obama

Obama taps taxpayers for student stimulus

CNN asks: "Would Jesus occupy Wall Street?"

The UK considers radical new policy: Firing unproductive workers

Geithner: 9% unemployment won't stop Obama's reelection

3 years later: Isn't it about time for Dems to cough up a budget?

Note to self: Dressing up like a terrorist offends people of Middle Eastern descent

Gadhafi's family plans to sue NATO

From Arab Spring to Islamist Winter

Support for gun restrictions drops to record-low

ObamaCare gets its day in its day in (Supreme) Court on Nov. 10

The truth about Washington regulations and jobs:

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