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Wednesday morning must-reads


A conservative's guide to Occupy Wall Street

Remember when 2,400 tea partiers were arrested?  Yeah, me neither

Occupy Atlanta is no more

Inside the Oakland OWS riots

Obama education chief links student loan reform and income inequality

Occupy Boston is starting to really stink

It's not class warfare, it's MATH

Michael Moore won't admit he's one of the 1%

Michelle Malkin: Joe Biden, the Beltway Bubble Boy

Obama holds "secret" meeting with Hollywood execs and "influencers"

Newt Gingrich: Time to end the death tax

Paul Ryan: Obama is "sowing social unrest"

FBI: Street gangs have "infiltrated" the U.S. military

Obama calls for end to NBA lockout

California's economic suicide

CNN looks to Elmo for help solving partisan disputes in Washington:

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