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Bloomberg gives out mini candy bars this year

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

There's no bigger disappointment (seriously, none) than getting a sticky handful of raisins for trick-or-treat like Michelle Obama gave out. But fun-sized candy bars from the deep pockets of Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes close.

Kids in New York City are used to the real candy bars from Bloomberg on Halloween. But times are apparently hard for even billionaires and Sonic the Hedgehog is angry about it.

From the New York Times:

“I want the candy bars,” Logan Green, 7, who was dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, said matter-of-factly when asked why he was visiting the mayor.

Arriving at the town house, things looked promising: someone in an Elmo costume was stationed outside the door, handing out candy from a plastic pumpkin to a small crowd. But when the boys finally reached Elmo: disappointment.

“It’s not full-sized,” Logan said, opening his hands to reveal the same old miniature Kit Kats and Tootsie Rolls that children seem to get at every house on Halloween.


h/t Politico

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