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Cain Supporter Mocks Bashir: 'I Have Made It to the Big Time. I Am On MSDNC


It's the "party of the KKK."

Apostle Claver, an outspoken supporter of GOP front-runner Herman Cain and founder of RagingElephants.org, appeared on Martin Bashir's program Thursday and jokingly referred to the host's network as "MSDNC." DNC of course being the "Democratic National Committee."

Not surprisingly, Bashir found little humor in Claver's comment, stating dryly, "it's not actually that."

Bashir began his segment by playing an earlier clip of Claver speaking before an audience in which he said that the Democratic party is the "party of the KKK."

"It's the Democratic Party that's the racist," Claver says in the clip. "The Party of the Ku Klux Klan. The Party of Jim Crow. The Party of Bull Connor. The Party of segregation. The Party of the KKK. They are the racists.

After playing the video, Claver, who appeared live, graciously thanked Bashir for having him on his program. He then delivered his zinger:

(h/t: NewsBusters)

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