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Cain Chief of Staff Mark Block to Hannity: Cain Is the 'Left and the Right's Worst Nightmare


...and one of the accusers' sons works for Politico.

During an appearance on "Hannity's America" Tuesday evening, Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block told host Sean Hannity that he hopes Cain’s unequivocal denials during his earlier press conference will end the string of sexual harassment claims once and for all. Block went on to explain that he believes the string of allegations stem from the fact that Cain is a threat to both the left and the right.

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“It’s become quite apparent that Mr. Cain’s candidacy and his rise in the poll is both the Left and the Right’s worst nightmare,” Block said.

Block also claimed that the son of one of the accusers works for Politico. When asked if that detail had been confirmed, Block said, "We’ve confirmed that he does indeed work at Politico and that’s his mother, yes."

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(h/t: Fox News Insider)

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