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Occupy Portland Protester Goes on Obscenity-Filled Rant Against Local TV News Crew: 'Nazi F**king Americans


"You are a piece of sh*t. You are a piece of f**king sh*t and I can see it in your f**king face."

An Occupy Portland protester in Oregon went on an obscenity-laced rant against a local news crew Tuesday, at one point telling them, "We are the 99 percent and we don't want you in our society" and calling the crew "Nazi f**king Americans."

The incident, dated Nov. 8 and captured on video by a KGW News 8 crew, features a protester repeatedly shouting and swearing on the sidewalk outside the main encampment.

"You're not representing the people. You're a bunch of f**king liars," he tells the crew.

When asked why he was keeping his face covered with a bandana, the protester replies, "Because you guys keep on dropping bombs on people and killing people when we don't f**king want."

When the reporter says that he didn't drop any bombs, the protester answers that he supported those who did.

"We are the 99 percent and we don't want any violence. We are the 99 percent and you're the 1 percent. We don't want war in our society," he says. "We don't want you in our society, we don't want you to keep supporting the 1 percent that uses up 80 percent of this country's resources."

Continuing that train of thought, he repeats, "We're the 99 percent and we don't want you in our society. We don't any violence. We don't want you here and we don't want you covering when the f**king kill our bathrooms."

"It's so sad that you guys live in a f**king delusional world bro. It's so pathetic," he says. "You guys are a bunch of f**king assholes and the actual real Americans that protect this country -- f**king we f**king do the real thing and we don't want any violence and we continue to say that and what do we get -- more f**king violence!"

At one point two members of the news crew attempt to edge the protester away from one of their colleagues. Some shoving ensues and he turns on one of them, calling him a "f**king loser."

"You're a f**king asshole piece of sh*t Nazi f**king Americans, get the f**k away from me," he says. "You are a piece of sh*t. You are a piece of f**king sh*t and I can see it in your f**king face."

"We're the 99 percent. You're the 1 percent. Get the f**k out of our space," he says.

His shouting attracts another protester who attempts to calm him down and get him to walk away.

"You're not doing us any good right now," the second protester says.

"No it doesn't but someone's gotta say it," he answers, then continues to yell at the news crew before he is hustled away. He returns as police officers arrive. The protester yells at the police as well before they lead him away.

After he's leaves, the crew continues to talk with a female protester. The reporter is heard saying the protester who was shouting at them was the same one who struck him on another occasion.

Watch the full exchange below. Content warning -- strong language

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