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Police: Occupy Portland May Be Linked to Molotov Cocktail Attack


"a glass bottle filled with a flammable liquid"

Police in Portland, Oregon, are investigating who was responsible for setting off an improvised incendiary device outside of the city's World Trade Center building. Authorities are looking into a potential connection to Occupy Portland, as protestors are camping out in parks located just one block away from the scene of the crime.

The Trade Center is home to an electric utility, government offices, law firms and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley's office. On Tuesday night, Lt. Robert King said that a Molotov cocktail (a device intended to ignite a fire rather than to instantaneously destroy as a bomb would) caused minor damage to an external stairwell.

According to King, preliminary information seems to indicate "a connection" to the protest movement. On October 31, police apparently gained knowledge through unconfirmed reports that gasoline-filled bottles were being produced (complete with cloth wicks) at the local encampments.

The Portland Tribune has more regarding information that was given in a press release put out by the local police:

The release described Molotov Cocktails as "a glass bottle filled with a flammable liquid such as gasoline, with a rag or cloth sticking out of the bottle as a wick. Once the wick is ignited, the person holding the Molotov cocktail throws it, breaking the glass and spreading the ignited fluid." [...]

While it's important to note that this information about Molotov "Portland Police Bureau investigators are working to learn more about this information and are asking for the public's help."

The release also said, "The storage and/or construction of Molotov cocktails represents a significant public safety threat of injury."

Here's another report from KOIN-TV:

Police are asking the public to help by volunteering any known information about the incident. Officials are also warning that more attacks are possible. At this point, aside from identifying the responsible parties, authorities will also be working to determine where these Molotov cocktails came from and whether there is cause to fear further use and production of the devices.

Earlier, the Blaze shared an expletive-filled rant that one Occupy Portland protestor spewed at a news reporter. Additionally, we're reported on local arrests in Portland.

It should be noted that the Occupy movement's involvement is only alleged at this point, though police seem to view it as a strong possibility.


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