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The Blaze Magazine: The Religious Left Exposed


Subscribers are now experiencing the powerful reporting and analysis of the November 2011 issue of The Blaze magazine, featuring a cover story that explores the history, agenda and tactics of America's left-wing religious progressives.

Billy Hallowell details how an ultra-Left movement has created a coalition to fight for their radicalism using liberal Christian churches and organizations. By working together -- and with the Democratic Party -- they're hoping to take down the Right.

The piece, "Faithfully Liberal," tells how they got started, who's behind it, where the money comes from, and what their plans are.

Readers will be "shocked" to learn that George Soros plays a major role. But he's far from being the only player in this movement.

Over the past decade, the Left has become increasingly good at ramping up its infiltration of faith-based circles in an effort to gain more adherents, while harnessing the collective powers organized religions possess. And with Soros’ financial support and through partnerships with other liberal political camps, these groups’ policy dreams may become a reality.

Of course, these organizations have every right to engage in partisan activities; however, people deserve to know about their true objectives. Just as the religious Right heralds its own tenets as truth, the faithful Left seems to believe that its social gospel is rooted in biblical and religious tradition -- or, at the least, these groups and their enthusiasts recognize the importance of using the Gospel and religious doctrines to promote their views.

In the end, despite their efforts to shield the facts, the interconnectedness of the organizations indicates a one-mindedness that is more rooted in political gain than it is in spiritual sustainability. It is groups like these that exploit religion to rapidly spread radical, often socialistic, ideals.

For an atheist, ultra-leftist like Soros, these organizations are the vehicle to implement his radical agenda with ease. If the Left is successful in tying activism to personal faith, millions of adherents can be more easily swayed to accept hard-line political views as gospel.

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