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TX Motorcycle Group Takes Harleys to Western Wall to Stand With Israel


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What do you get when you mix 71 tattooed Texans, motorcycles, Orthodox Jews and Israel's Temple Mount? A prayer rally, apparently.

According to Beliefnet, on Sunday, 71 Harley-loving Pentecostals, part of "Mission M25," a motorcycle ministry, joined Jews who were praying at the Western Wall (the only portion of Solomon's Temple that still remains).

The Christians, going to the location on a mission to seek solidarity with Jews, had long planned the historical gathering. And to stay true to their ministerial mission, the men shipped their Harley-Davidson hogs overseas from Texas to Israel -- a process they described as seamless.

Naturally, with their bikes on hand, rather than arriving at the Western Wall on foot or by other more traditional means, the men revved up their engines and traveled by motorcycle.

Below, see footage of the group riding through Israel (captured on an iPhone):

After arriving at the wall, they prayed for the safety of both Israel and America and held a moment of silence for servicemen and women who have been lost by both countries in battle (Mission M25 is known for holding similar events in support of military members around the globe). Israel's Arutz Sheva 7 has more about the group's unique trip:

The motorcyclists are on a 10-day tour of Israel, visiting much of the country with a police escort guide. On Sunday, the group drove from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, stopping at the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun along the way, the site of important battles in the 1948 War of Independence. “The IDF has been so good about keeping this land free so we can come and visit it,” said Pastor Gary Burd national director and leader of the mission.

Interestingly, some local Harley-Davidson owners (there are only about 800 people who have these bikes in Israel) came out to support the effort. In fact, Simon Friedman, an Israeli, joined the group on their ride. Below, hear him talk about the Israeli military and his take on the group's visit to the region:

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In addition to Mission M25's cross-country visit, members also brought $600,000 in medical aid, which has been passed on to a non-profit group in the nation.

Below, find a video update that the group put out this past Monday:

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Aside from the obvious solidarity and the financial aid the group has brought, it is believed that the event will help Israel's tourism industry. Arutz Sheva describes the 10-day, cross-country expedition as a potential catalyst to encourage tourism among American Evangelicals.

(H/T: Beliefnet)


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