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Jim Clyburn Tries to Connect Cain's 'Princess Nancy' Comment to Harassment Allegations


He thinks Cain has to be ever-mindful of how he speaks about women now...

Rep. James Clyburn (FILE)

"Unbecoming a Southern gentleman." That was the reaction from Congressman Jim Clyburn to a comment made by GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in which he called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "Princess Nancy." Even more troublesome, Clyburn also attempted to connect the comment to Cain's alleged sexual harassment of several women.  Clyburn said the comment "denigrated" the former House Speaker and that, in keeping true to Cain's "Southern Gentleman" roots, he should "absolutely" apologize.

Clyburn stated:

"That kind of boorishness that we see on the part of Mr. Cain plays into a narrative that's been out here now for the last two weeks. He ought to be very, very careful how he reacts to or treats women going forward and that was a disrespectful comment about one of the outstanding women in our great country. I believe for him to denigrate her and her position that way is just unbecoming of a Southern gentleman... Us Southern gentlemen just don't act that way."


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