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Post names audience, Perry (twice) as GOP debate losers


There has yet to be a debate where the audience wasn't criticized for something. First there was the death-penalty thing at CNN's debate. Then there was the gay-soldier thing at the Fox News debate. Now, the Washington Post named the audience as one of the losers of Wednesday's CNBC debate:

We are generally pro-audience participation in debates. But, the debate crowd tonight saved [Herman] Cain from providing any real answer on the serious allegations against him and saved [Newt] Gingrich from answering a totally legitimate follow-up question from [Maria] Bartiromo asking him to explain his claim that the media was responsible for the current problems with the economy. With so many debates — and the candidates saying the same things SO often — there are only a few moments in each gathering where the potential exists for real news to be made. And the debate audience drowned out at least two of them tonight.

The Post named two other losers from the debate: Rick Perry and Rick Perry, again.

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