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Did Liberal Radio Host Bill Press Really Compare Herman Cain to Accused Penn State Molester?


Yes. He really did.

In what is being dubbed the "smear of the year" by RadioEqualizer, liberal talk radio host Bill Press actually equated GOP presidential contender Herman Cain with disgraced Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky -- who stands accused of sodomizing a ten-year-old boy in a school shower and "pimping out" boys with whom he worked, to donors. Thus far, Sandusky has been charged with some 40 counts of sexual abuse of underage boys.

Yet somehow, for Press, the crimes for which Sandusky has been arrested, are comparable to allegations of sexual harassment made by "five women" against Cain. Women who, besides being of-age, curiously only came forward nearly two decades after the alleged harassment occurred -- at a time when Cain happened to be running for the Republican presidential nomination.


If the comparison seems too outrageous to believe, listen for yourself:


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