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Coburn Blasts Occupy Wall St.: 'I've Never Seen Violence Like This' in a U.S. Political Group 'In My Lifetime'


It's worse than the Vietnam War demonstrations.

Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (AP File)

Republican Senator Tom Coburn blasted the Occupy movement on Friday, saying he has "never seen violence like this" associated with any other U.S. political group in his lifetime. During the interview with Daily Caller's Nicholas Ballasy, Coburn said that "America is already tired of Occupy Wall Street," a movement he finds more egregious than the Vietnam War protests.

Coburn believes the press "doesn't want to see" how diverse the Tea Party is, asserting the movement comprises both "well-off people and people who aren't well-off at all," but who all understand the constitution. On the other hand, the Oklahoma senator believes all the Occupy movement advocates for is the “mass redistribution of wealth.”

DC adds:

 “America is already tired of Occupy Wall Street,” said Coburn. “They’ve seen the vast majority are great people but they have attracted a fringe group that are both law breakers, inconsistent with their message, they haven’t controlled it and the fact is, you’ve never seen violence like this, law breaking like this and some of the vile stuff that’s occurred in any other political group in this country in my lifetime."


Watch the interview below:

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