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Police: Fake Doctor Injected Cement, Super Glue Into Woman's Buttocks for Enhancement Procedure

Oneal Ron Morris was arrested Friday for allegedly injecting a woman with a combination of cement, mineral oil, tire sealant and super glue for a buttocks-enhancing procedure. Morris, pictured, is a transgendered man who tried the procedure on himself.(Image source: Miami Police Department)

A fake doctor accused of injecting a woman's buttocks with cement, super glue and other chemicals was arrested Friday in Florida.

Police said Oneal Ron Morris, a 30-year-old transgendered man who is not a doctor, administered the potentially lethal shots to at least one woman as part of a buttock-enhancing procedure. He had also tried the procedure on himself.

"They agreed on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttocks," Miami Gardens Police Sgt. Bill Bamford told Miami's WPLG-TV.

Morris allegedly injected the victim with a combination of cement, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant and super glue, then sealed the incision with more super glue, police said.

"That cocktail had serious complications and serious effects on this young lady," Bamford said.

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

[The victim] told authorities that Morris had her lay flat on her stomach on a table that was set up in a townhouse at 1114 NW 206th Ter., a residential neighborhood in Miami Gardens.

She was able to see some of the “tools,’’ which she described as rubber tubing attached to what appeared to be a cooler. She felt enormous pressure, and then pain, as Morris began inserting the tubing into her buttocks.

“It hurt to the point that she was screaming,’’ Dillon said. Morris “kept reassuring her that it was almost over.’’

The victim stopped Morris before the injections were finished because she was in such agony, Dillon said. Morris sealed her wounds with Super Glue and she went home, Dillon said.

Twenty-four hours later, she was still in pain and began suffering flu-like symptoms.

The victim was hospitalized with what police called a "serious medical condition as a result of the injections" and was treated for serious pain, pneumonia and an MRSA infection. Doctors alerted the Florida Department of Health upon realizing there may have been an unlicensed medical practitioner involved.

"I think it's crazy," Bamford said. "Most definitely life-threatening."

Morris, who police say is a man but looks like a woman, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale on charges of practicing without a license and causing bodily harm. Police know of one victim but believe there could be others who have been afraid to come forward.

"If you're going to have medical procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment," Bamford said.

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