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Why Exactly Are Chinese Bloggers Smashing Refrigerators With Sledgehammers?


You can pay a pretty penny nowadays for kitchen appliances. You shell out the cash expecting that such devices will provide the minimal services that manufacturers advertise, without additional headaches. So when a refrigerator door won't properly close, it's bound to tick some people off. ITN News reports on a group of angry tech bloggers in China who banded together to take out fridge frustrations on the products in front of the brand's headquarters:

China Hush reports that the sledgehammer protest began with "China Internet Celebrity" Luo Yonghao, who wrote in his micro-blog that the Siemens refrigerator and washing machine he bought three years ago were both broken. China Hush reports that after filing several complaints to Siemens customer service with the company refusing to admit that there are issues with their products, Luo promoted the “refrigerator gate” incident:

"November 20, Luo Yonghao, and other volunteers came to demonstrate at the Siemens headquarters in Beijing. They smashed three problem refrigerators and submitted a written request to urge Siemens to give recognition of product issues, to stop shirk responsibility, to stop ignoring the demands of consumers and also recall the problem refrigerators.

Finally, Siemens called the police and the show was finally over. Luo Yonghao continued posting on his micro-blog saying if Siemens keep avoiding this issue, he will convene more victims to smash refrigerators again."

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