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Delaware Allows Neo-Nazi Group to Participate in 'Adopt-A-Highway' Program


"...white Christians should be the only race and religion allowed in the U.S..."

Delaware's Adopt-A-Highway program has an unlikely participant -- the National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party.

According to the USA Today, the group has been told that it will be able to be a part of the highway program, but that the term "Nazi" cannot appear on the signs that will advertise the "adoption."

Clearly, the state didn't want to be associated with a hate group. Edward McBride, the man who submitted the application, also tried to have "NSFM88 Nazi Party" on the official signage. This, too, was rejected. The two signs that announce the adoption read, "Freedom Party," instead.

In an email to the News Journal, DelDOT spokesman Geoff Sundstrom said, "His request to have the words 'Nazi Party' displayed on a state sign was denied because DelDOT chose not to associate the state with the term and its generally understood philosophy of advocating the denial of civil rights."

The USA Today has more:

McBride, 24, and his wife, Katelyn McManus, 23, are the group's only members in Sussex County, but believe they have 45 members statewide. After McBride's bids were turned down, McManus applied for the "Freedom Party" designation using their same address...

The neo-Nazi group believes white Christians should be the only race and religion allowed in the U.S...

McBride says the group also advocates closing off the nation's borders from immigrants, ending U.S. participation in free trade with other countries and barring "non-whites" from owning or controlling newspapers, the News Journal says.

Apparently McBride is the national commander of the National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party. The group, according to sources, is a spin off of the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

The Journal explains that the Adopt-A-Highway program is an extremely popular community-service activity. At the end of 2010, there were 744 groups who were participating -- up by 100 the previous year. The program requires that roadways be cleaned three times each year, something McBride plans to do on his days off from work.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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