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Redskins Wide Out to Cowboys Fan: 'Get a Life or Kill Urself


Following a crushing 27-24 overtime loss to the division rival Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Jabar Gaffney let his emotions get the best of him, taking the frustrations of playing on a team with a 3-7 record out on a rival fan. ESPN on Gaffney's outburst Sunday:

"Gaffney directed profane tweets at the fan after the Redskins lost 27-24 in overtime to the Cowboys on Sunday.

When the fan taunted Gaffney over the Redskins' losing record, Gaffney responded: '3-7 ain't a record to be proud of I'm just proud I ain't you get a life or kill urself.'"

Speaking to reporters in the Redskins locker room Monday, Gaffney addressed his tweets but didn't exactly apologize.

“I don’t know. Something got took out of [context],” Gaffney said to the Washington Post. “Cowboys fans, that’s how they are. I was just telling the dude, ‘Y’all won, all right? Leave me alone. Don’t talk to me.’ That’s all it was.”

Gaffney is the latest NFL player stuck in a PR mess following inappropriate tweets, impressive considering the wide receiver just joined Twitter last week.

"They say I can't tell people to kill themselves," Tweeted Gaffney Monday afternoon. "Didn't know freedom of speech had limitations so I'll just say #uknowwhattodo #HTTR better?"

Seeming to only be making matter worse, Gaffney backtracked again, tweeting late last night:

"Sorry for the neg attention NFL I didn't mean what i said literally I shouldve chosen better words I do not encourage suicide"

NFL Insider Adam Schefter told ESPN Monday that the NFL and Redskins have both spoken with Gaffney about his tweet.

When asked his opinion on the matter, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told the press "No offense, but I have no idea of how to even get on Twitter, I really don't."

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