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Bachmann to Beck: We're Facing a 'New Axis of Evil


"This is a very dominant hegemon."

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During Tuesday's broadcast of the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn interviewed GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann, asking the Minnesota congresswoman a myriad questions on topics ranging from foreign and domestic policy to the economy and crisis preparedness. At one point, Bachmann spoke about the dangers of "the new axis of evil" comprising Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia.

Both Glenn and Bachmann pointed out Russia's role in aiding some of the world's most notorious aggressors and state sponsors of terror -- from providing Russian chemists and engineers to aid Iran in its development of nuclear weapons to sending Russian warships to aid the Syrians in their defense.

"The UN has reported that 250 children were tortured and killed and Russia sends warships to Syria to defend Syria," Glenn stated in disbelief.

Bachmann later noted that it was Senator John McCain, rather than former President George W. Bush, who got it right when looking into Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's eyes. McCain, according to Bachmann, saw "KGB," not a "soul," noting that the former Republican presidential nominee may have been more accurate than Bush in his assessment of the Russian PM.

As the conversation progressed to acts of agression committed around the world, Glenn expressed concern over the well-being of the U.S. military abroad, citing the recent Iranian ransacking of the British embassy in Tehran as an example.

In response, Bachmann said the British embassy raid was orchestrated by the Iranian regime in defiance of recent sanctions. She then questioned "why the Brits would even have an Embassy in Iran anyway?"

"It [Iran] is a state sponsor of terror," Bachmann said, before suggesting the British might want to consider removing their embassy from such hostile territory.

"Wouldn't they [the Iranians] feel like they then won?" Glenn asked.

Bachmann said that, rather than it being construed as a retreat, the British could just "fall back" in order to regroup. But she stressed that these were merely her opinions and that it is up to the U.K. to decide best how to handle its own affairs.

Prior to discussing foreign policy and the emergence of a new axis of evil, Bachmann also spoke about how Americans can prepare for potentially "very difficult" times ahead.  Citing the ripple effects -- namely a recession -- America will feel as a result of a European Union collapse, Bachmann expressed disappointment in the fact that "we are hearing more about the Kardashian wedding" than the impending economic implosion of the EU and subsequent U.S. risk.

While Bachmann acknowledged that the U.S. stands to lose $50-60 billion, it will be U.S. companies overseas that will be the hardest hit in such a collapse.

Glenn also pointed out that the U.S. comprises nearly 27 percent of the International Monetary Fund, and because of that will be forced to bail Europe out.

"I wouldn't," Bachmann began. "I wouldn't put U.S. taxpayer exposure at risk."

Bachmann asserted that the world's financial resources are either sitting in China, or held by Saudi Arabian sheiks and Russian oligarchs.

"We're broke but we act like we're still on top of the world," Bachmann said.

"For the first time we're making decisions that a Banana Republic would make," not those "a first class nation" would make.

With growing financial burdens and worldwide turmoil bearing down on the U.S., Glenn then turned his focus to emergency preparedness.

"What would you say to the American people about preparing their own house?" Glenn asked Bachmann.

"I would tell them that EU economic collapse could mean U.S. recession," Bachmann started, qualifying that she would "urge people to not give into that form of panic but think about their own resources" like food, water, and the basics needed for survival.

Bachmann noted that every home in Switzerland is required to have a bomb shelter, food, water and a firearm, suggesting the European country is a potential model for the U.S..

Bachmann urged that Americans "just need to take precautions" in the event of a military or economic "disruption," however unlikely that may seem, and asked people to consider supplying themselves with what they would need to survive a 7 to 30 day period.

Bachmann also explored the issue of potentially abolishing the Fed, or at least "taking them down from the mighty perch they are on."

Below is the first segment of Glenn's fascinating interview with Bachmann. Watch below -- the "new axis of evil" comment comes around 12:30...but you might want to start listening around 11:55:

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