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Barney Frank Lashes Out at 'Today' Host for 'Gotcha' Questions During Interview


"It's gotcha this, it's gotcha that."

This is a video Eddie first introduced on the blog, but it deserves even more attention.

It's hard to believe that longtime Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank would have anything in common with Sarah Palin. But during an interview Tuesday morning with Savannah Guthrie on Today Frank, who announced yesterday that he would not seek reelection, showed that he's done playing nice with the media. After Guthrie pressed Frank on whether his announcement was fueled by political pressures, admitting defeat, or a change in the "tone" in Washington, Frank countered to Guthrie directly:

"You exemplify what I think is a change in the tone. You've managed to ask all sort of negative questions, I understand that's the media current conception of control, it didn't used to be that way.... It's gotcha this, it's gotcha that. It's gotcha journalism, it's gotcha politics."

Frank would keep taking shots at Guthrie and the media at large throughout the interview, going on to tell her she’s “four for four” on negative questions:

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