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Former Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Launches 'Un-Occupy Movement


For those who can't abandon their jobs, family responsibilities, or toilets...

These days, former game show host Chuck Woolery is becoming known for more than just his time on the Love Connection and Wheel of Fortune. Of late, the American TV icon has become a political pundit of sorts, launching his own line of web videos, featuring commentary and opinion, under the banner "Save Us Chuck Woolery."

Just weeks ago, The Blaze brought you Woolery's entertaining suggestions on how to cut government spending. Today, we bring you the launch of his newest initiative -- the "Un-Occupy" Movement.

On January 12th, Woolery says he plans to host rallies at every state capital across the country. To show support, according to Woolery, all one has to do is...not show up.

Watch his latest clip below:

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