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After Another Piers Morgan Interview Michael Moore Admits to Being Part of the '1%' -- Sometimes


“You looked like you were wriggling a bit.”

Back in October Michael Moore vehemently denied to CNN's Piers Morgan that he was part of the "1%," even though The Blaze uncovered Moore's reported net worth of a staggering $50 million.

At the time of the initial Morgan interview, Moore agreed to return to the show, which he did Tuesday evening. Naturally, the focus turned to Moore's net worth, again. This time, the "Fahrenheit 9/11" creator admitted to being part of the "1%" -- but only "sometimes."

Morgan noted how Moore looked like he was "wriggling a bit" during his last appearance on the show, after skirting the issue of his personal wealth. During that interview, Moore unequivocally denied the truth regarding his finances and thus, various news outlets -- particularly conservative-leaning ones -- took the controversial, and successful filmmaker to task.

Moore, of course, blamed his wriggling and subsequent media attention on "right-wingers" who inflate him to the proportion of a "mythical, scary character."

“I think Republicans and right-wingers blow me up into this mythical scary character,” he said.

Mediaite adds:

Morgan asked him directly, however, how much money he believed his movies grossed, to which Moore replied, $500,000,000. “You’ve either got the worst agent,” Morgan responded, “or you must’ve made millions.”

“It’s true!” Moore responded, arguing that “Bowling for Columbine not only did I not make money, I didn’t make a paycheck.” Morgan didn’t let him get away with that, however, and insisted that Moore had “made millions of dollars,” to which finally Moore responded, “yes, for three or four good years… in those years, I would be in the 1%. Most years, no.” He also took the moment to explain that the antagonism towards the 1% was not universal or based on how much money one had, but on the lack of compassion to the less well-off. “Anybody who does well, who wants to raise their taxes and make sure those suffering now, are making a better life.”

Watch Moore's reluctant, half-admission below:

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