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Bachmann Calls Newt a 'Frugal Socialist' During Radio Interview With Glenn Beck


"...programs that are in effect redistribution of wealth and socialism-based..."

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann had some tough words for fellow candidate Newt Gingrich during an in-studio interview with Glenn Beck this morning.

Prior to her radio appearance, Beck spoke with Bachmann's fellow Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. During his conversation with Gingrich, Beck pressed the former House Speaker on his support of the Prescription Drug entitlement program passed during the Bush years.

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Bachmann later offered her her opinion about Gingrich's claim that he supports fiscally-conservative policies. In her analysis, she gave him a label he's sure to lament.

"It doesn’t help to have a frugal socialist," said Bachmann. "That’s really what we’re talking about is managing socialism and trying to be a frugal socialist."

Beck then asked Bachmann to clarify if she was calling Newt Gingrich a socialist. The Minnesota congresswoman responded:

"What I’m saying is that – I’m saying a frugal socialist, yes! Because you’re looking at proposals and programs that are in effect redistribution of wealth and socialism-based, and are we going to have real change in the country or are we going to have frugal socialists?"

Give a listen to Bachmann's blunt response, below:

For more on Bachmann's radio appearance, you can read a recap here.

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