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Beck: Real Story of Protester's Seizure Points to Revelation This Thursday


"We must treat even our enemies with love and respect, dignity and grace," Glenn added.

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Last Friday an Occupy demonstrator had what appeared to be a seizure while protesting Glenn Beck’s book signing in Fairhope, Alabama. The other Occupiers mainly stood and watched while the man lay convulsing.

WKRG described the scene:

For about 15 minutes the shouting was heated until one of the protestors fell and began shaking uncontrollably.  Police officers and other protesters surrounded the young man until an ambulance arrived.  This appeared to take the wind out of everyone’s sails and the protest stopped on a serious note.   The book signing continued without the loud chanting that preceded it.

But before the police showed up, someone can be seen in the video The Blaze originally posted, helping the seizing man -- but who?

You might guess one of his Occupy compatriots, but you'd be wrong.

No. The man seen helping the stricken Occupy protester was actually part of Glenn's team.

"What did you people do to him?" shouted one of the other Occupiers to the Samaritan as he helped the ailing man. "What kind of Nazi trick did you play on him?"

But not everyone reacted in such a hostile manner. While some Occupiers looked to fight the act of humanity and decency extended by members of Glenn's camp, other demonstrators appreciated the care and concern shown to their ringleader.

In the following sneak preview of Glenn's upcoming Thursday broadcast, he relays what unfolded next as, after his book signing, he and members of his team were thanked by none other than the co-chair of the day's anti-Glenn Beck protest.

After showing Glenn a pamphlet the group had been circulating about him, Glenn told the woman that he believes in her right to free speech and then wished her a Merry Christmas.

"Merry Christmas to you," she replied.

At the end of the day, according to Glenn, what matters is that while nothing was solved in the way of politics, they were "human to one another."

"We must treat even our enemies with love and respect, dignity and grace," Glenn added poignantly.

Catch a sneak-peek of the upcoming Glenn Beck Program on GBTV below and be sure to tune in for the full episode Thursday at 5:00 ET:

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