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The Blaze Magazine: Liberty or Tyranny--What's Next for the Arab Spring?

The Blaze Magazine: Liberty or Tyranny--What's Next for the Arab Spring?

Much has been made of this year's revolutions across the Middle East. Many in our government and the media -- on the Right and the Left -- would have us believe the Arab Spring is cause for euphoria. More change we can believe in. But is it? Are the radical changes in Arab states just a set-up for radical Islamist rule across the region?

In the December issue of The Blaze magazine, we confront the reality of where the Arab Spring is leading the Middle East -- and the rest of the world. Those with eyes on taking down the West are loving the movement -- and the threat the movement's radical leaders and soon-to-be-elected officials pose to our way of life.

What diplomatic course, then, do Western, democratic nations take when their decidedly positive, even euphoric, initial reaction to Arab Spring fever and its purported promise of increased freedoms and human rights is giving way like a line of dominoes to Islamist theocracies -- and all allegedly at the behest of an oppressed citizenry "freely" voting them in?

The American government's response to the Arab Spring is rife with grudging political correctness: The Obama administration saying and doing all the "right things," promising to work with freshly empowered Islamist regimes and providing assistance to rebel causes. But will the administration's progressive, "forward thinking" ideology actually generate an in-kind response from the eventual seats of power across the Middle East?

It seems more plausible that, as with most politicians, the Muslim Brotherhood and their theocratic allies across the Middle East will say whatever it takes to get elected -- then once in office enact whatever policies they choose (e.g., Shariah law). Naguib Saweris, a business tycoon and Coptic Christian who leads and finances the most prominent liberal party, the Free Egyptians, declared, "They will pretend to be open-minded until they take power."

And what of Israel? The giant Muslim nations surrounding it were hostile toward Jews before the Arab Spring. What will happen to Israel after the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt or if "reforms" come to Syria and Jordan? The Obama administration's support for the Arab Spring and waning allegiance to Israel is indeed an alarming combination with harrowing prospects.

Our cover story takes up the challenge of revealing what's going on in the many Arab nations currently undergoing so-called "democratic revolution."

What's really going on?

What's next?

What's the end game?

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