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Hear Beck's Comedic Tale: Neighbors Confront Him in Elevator...With an Obama Picture

"I am so done with this city..."


Being a conservative in New York City isn't easy, especially considering the metropolitan area's overall lack of ideological diversity. As you probably already know, the region's predominant political mindset can best be characterized as "leftist." This morning, Glenn Beck shared a story on his radio show that perfectly embodies how bizarrely New York City liberals often act toward their conservative peers.

Following a discussion about the minimum wage in San Francisco, California, hitting $10.24 on January 1, Beck, Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray began talking about New York's (both the state and the city) excessive taxation. This conversation merged into a dialogue about the city's residents.

"This city is one of the greatest cities in the country," Beck proclaimed. It's the people who wreck it." He proceeded to say, "I am so done with this city...I can't take it anymore," which launched him into a story that perfectly illustrates both the ideological nature of the city's residents and his reasoning for being "done."

While waiting for an elevator in his apartment building last night, Beck says he encountered a man who was carrying a large package. After Beck said "Hello" to the man, an awkward conversation ensued.

"You know what's in here?," the man asked Beck, who responded that he didn't know what was in the package. The man then jeeringly said, "It's a big portrait of Barack Obama." Beck, tired from a busy day and not looking to engage the man's antics, politely responded, "Good, I hope it looks nice in your house."

As if this exchange weren't awkward enough, the man's wife approached and made her own set of offhanded comments. Not expecting to find Beck inside the elevator, she apparently stopped at its threshold and said, "Ugh, we didn't know you still lived in this building." Then, as the elevator ride began, Beck says she stared at him like he was "an alien life form."

Of course, the awkwardness didn't end there. The man then turned to his wife and started telling her about how poked Beck about the package including portraits of Obama. The wife, apparently forgetting her own rude comments just moments before, said, "Honey, don't incite. He is a neighbor."

"Thank you for your Christian charity, ma'am," Beck quipped as he told the story. "I didn't say anything, but I'm like 'I can't wait to get out of this city!'"

Listen to Beck tell the story, below, and find out what happened what the woman asked him if is supportive of Newt Gingrich's candidacy:

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