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Jon Stewart Joins the Anti-Gingrich Chorus: 'Republican Voters, Don't Do This


"Glenn Beck cannot support Newt Gingrich!"

During a segment on Thursday evening titled, "Intervention 2012," Jon Stewart offered some unsolicited advice to Republicans across the country regarding Newt Gingrich's recent rise in the polls.

In a nutshell, Stewart, with his trademark snark, told Republican voters who seem inclined to vote for Gingrich, "don't do this." First, he pointed out the former House Speaker's meteoric rise in the polls, and showed a snippet of Gingrich saying, "odds are very high I'm going to be the nominee."

With that premise in place, Stewart and his team then ripped on the candidate with a variety of damning clips, including one in which MSNBC host Joe Scarborough slammed Gingrich, saying, "He is not a nice human being, he is a bad person...he is a terrible person."

On the comparison Gingrich has made of himself to Reagan, Stewart offered that "Reagan had a certain charm and gentility. Gingrich is Reagan abandoned as a child and raised by a family of caucuses."

To finish off his attack on Gingrich, Stewart turns to a clip of Glenn Beck, during which Beck says Gingrich is the only Republican nominee he could not support.

Here is the first clip, courtesy of Comedy Central, in which Stewart begins his anti-Newt screed:

And here is the second part of the Daily Show segment, which includes Stewart's disbelieving reference in the last 30 seconds that "Glenn Beck cannot support Newt Gingrich!":

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