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New UNICEF Ad Says Santa Doesn't 'Do Poor Countries


A new ad from UNICEF Sweden is meant to encourage viewers to give gifts of charity during the Holiday Season, but has the punchline and vibe of an Occupy Wall Street propaganda linking Santa Claus to the 1 percent. Could the United Nations Children's Fund be the latest participant in the War on Christmas? 

While giving charitable donations in others names as gifts may be a noble gesture, the brash and cold Saint Nick presented in the commercial seems like an odd way to entice viewers to purchase UNICEF stocking suffers such as malaria tablets, rehydration bags and polio vaccines.

"I don't do poor countries," says Santa in a malevolent tone closing the commercial. He is followed by the UNICEF message "We go where Santa doesn't -- Buy your Christmas gifts at unicef.se."

What Christmas movies do you think this director grew up watching?

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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