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Happy Holidays from Ed Schultz: Tea Party Republicans Are Like 'Sewer Rats


Just days before Christmas and coming off what he described as a political defeat for the Tea Party, which he despises, you would think that MSNBC host and liberal radio personality Ed Schultz may have had a little more holiday cheer than the usual heavy flow of heated rhetoric spewing from his mouth. But Schultz just couldn't resist letting loose on House Republicans during his radio show Thursday shortly before a deal was announced on the payroll-tax-cut extension. Take a listen to the MSNBC Host's latest rant, where he likens Tea Party Republicans to "sewer rats:"

"What these tea partiers are going to do right now, and I’m going to label them tonight as sewer rats. They have a sewer rat mentality. You know what sewer rats do? They go down in the hole and they don't come out. And they all hang out together. And they're comfortable in their environment. And that’s what these Tea Partiers are doing right now behind closed doors. They’re just sewer rats."

 Tim Graham of NewsBusters reports on how Schultz followed-up the flustered radio performance :

"Schultz wrapped up his TV show with 'news' from his viewers: 'Ed Show survey tonight, I asked is John Boehner the most ineffective Speaker in recent memory? Ninety eight percent of you said yes; two percent of you said no."

Gee, how many liberals are in that sample?"

Considering The Ed Show is continually crushed in ratings by programming on another cable news network in the same time slot, perhaps Schultz not the Tea Party is the one who will soon be hiding like a sewer rat.

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