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Kindergarten's 'Merry Christmas' Bracelet Ban Overturned...ACLJ Defends 6-Year-Old's Right To Free Speech


The American Center for Law and Justice is an organization known for fighting for the rights of all freedom-loving Americans. Just this week, the ACLJ scored a victory for a very young lady who was prevented from giving her kindergarten classmates a bracelet that said "Merry Christmas" as a gift!

A small town in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania was the site of this curious attack on free speech and freedom of expression. The family of the young girl contacted the ACLJ after their daughter was told by a teacher and school principal that her choices of gifts to give to her classmates would not be allowed. What were these allegedly offensive gifts?

  • A pencil that said "Happy Birthday Jesus"

  • A bracelet that said "Merry Christmas"

Despite the fact that the items mentioned were going to be given by one student to another student as gifts, the teacher and principal said "no."

The ACLJ reviewed the parent's letter and contacted the school with a demand letter, reminding the administrators of the "avalanche of precedent permitting student speech – even when those students are very young."

The school backed down. The young lady was allowed to give her gifts to her friends. And the ACLJ is calling this "A Christmas Victory."

The ACLJ counts this among its many wins in 2011. The group's website is touting some of their other accomplishments from the past year:

We’ve taken bold stands on the national and international stage – including representing more than 100 members of Congress in the ObamaCare litigation, weighing in at the U.N. in support of Israel’s right of self-defense and against the Palestinian effort to short-circuit the peace process, and we’ve worked hard to save a courageous Iranian pastor from a death sentence.

If you care to know more about the American Center for Law & Justice, their mission and their leadership (Jay Sekulow and Jordan Sekulow), links to their website are included here.

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