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Fox News Host Claims TSA Tore Off Fox Logo & 'Sliced Up' His Bag


"You gotta call the government to get yo money."

Dealing with the Transportation Security Administration can be frustrating. Aside from the long lines and invasive processes, there are occasional systematic hiccups that can make air travel more than unpleasant. This is something that Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes apparently learned the hard way this holiday season.

Following some air travel over the Christmas holiday, Starnes is claiming that TSA agents roughed up his bag. Aside from removing the Fox News logo, damage was apparently inflicted upon his luggage.

Starnes, the host of "Fox News & Commentary" and a popular user on Twitter, a social media platform, sent a series of messages about the alleged incident. He wrote that once TSA agent told him to "call the government" if he wished to get money when he inquired about what led to his damaged luggage (the exact quote, according to Starnes, was, "You gotta call the government to get yo money.").

Starnes wrote, “TSA ripped off my Fox News logo and sliced up my luggage,” in one of his tweets. He also sent out an image of what the bag purportedly looked like when he initially received it. While you can't see much damage, there is some TSA tape that says "inspected" (so we at least know that officials looked at the bag):

We'll have to wait and see how this unfolds, but in a tweet posted late last night, Starnes said, "TSA says it could take up to 6 months to investigate my bag they destroyed." Looks like it'll be a long haul for the host to get the situation resolved.

(H/T: Daily Caller)


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