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Have You Seen Denis Leary's Parody Showing Charlie Brown Converting to Islam & Becoming a Jihadist?


"A jaw-droppingly Islamophobic video..."

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you may have missed one of the Christmas season's most intriguing -- and potentially inflammatory -- parody videos.

Comedian Denis Leary's production company, Apostle, posted a Charlie Brown spoof that is sure to cause some laughter, anger and -- confusion.

Perhaps Gothamist describes it best as a "very uncomfortable jihadist joke." The premise of the short clip is that Charlie Brown converts from Christianity to Islam. As the video progresses, its themes become increasingly controversial.

What starts with Charlie saying, "I'm so depressed. I think I'm losing my faith in Christianity," ends with the beloved character in hell awaiting 72 virgins. Leary, who's been known for his controversial work and commentary in the past, tackles other issues as well: praying facing mecca and Islamic garb, among other elements.

Here's what the blog "Islamophobia Watch" had to say about the project:

Just what the world needs. Another 72 virgins joke. A jaw-droppingly Islamophobic video has been posted by Irish-American comedian Denis Leary on WhoSay. Some years ago Leary took a firm stand against Mel Gibson's antisemitism. But apparently crude anti-Muslim stereotyping is fine with Leary.

Watch the clip below (caution: language):

Leary also posted an anti-Santa song (another parody, of course) on the same day called "Merry Fu**ing Christmas" (caution: strong language when you click the link -- and the video autoplays).

What do you think? Comedy, or too over-the-top?

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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